Precision machining using only high-quality cold work steel. Furthermore, specially developed special purpose steel alloys surpass even the most stringent of requirements in terms of surface quality, structural conditions and service life.

Manufacturing quality:
Special hardening and grinding processes as well as our continuous precision machining have enabled us to significantly reduce wear behaviour, thus lowering your tooling costs.

Special radius run out:
Our special precision honing of the thread lead-ins prevents the notching effect in the thread run-out of the part and stabilises dies in such a manner so that it is even possible to roll the thread up to 0.5 x P to the shoulder without any premature abrasion of the die.

Final inspection:
Inspection of each die with regard to hardness, concentricity, bore diameter, profile accuracy. Documented for each roller set as “Workshop Test”.

Fastest possible delivery of all established thread rolling dies and serration dies for virtually all rolling systems. We distinguish ourselves by means of our flexibility, ensuring our customers the shortest possible lead times and thus reducing downtime, and by means of our outstanding price-performance ratio.

Of course, we also carry out regrinding work both on our own dies and those of other manufacturers, and, in doing so, we guarantee dimensional accuracy.

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries. You may rest assured that our proficient, international team of employees, who have a good command of German, English, French and Italian, will look after you in all matters – including technical questions.